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Tárgy: [Rotary] Fwd: Lisbon Institute – Golf Tournament

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Tárgy: Lisbon Institute – Golf Tournament



Warm Regards,


August, 2007
My Dear Fellow Rotarians,
We are planning to organize in Estoril a Golf Tournament during the 2 days prior to the Institute,

i.e. 3rd and 4th of December for Rotarians, friends and family members.

Those who are interested to participate in this event should send us a -non binding - pre-inscription,

indicating name, address, and e-mail address before the 15th September, so as to give us an idea

of the number of players for our contacts with Hotels and golf courses.

During the second half of September we will then send out the Programme of the Tournament and all

necessary details for the definite inscription.

Reply to:             Eckhard Bothmann

                          Rua Eugenio Castro, 34/153

                          P-4100-225  Porto / Portugal

                          e-mail:  eckhard.bothmann@netc.pt


PLEASE REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE AT http://www.lisboa2007.com/



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